RADC Romania is one of the Regional Audit Delivery Centers (RADCs) across the world and it represents a powerful driver of transformation, helping us reimagine audit and be an undisputed leader in professional services.

No matter which part of RADC you will join, you’re always going to be part of something bigger. Throughout the firm, you’ll find that teams, divisions and even entire service areas have fostered a close working atmosphere where everyone’s encouraged to contribute. At RADC, you’ll find fantastic opportunities to learn and develop each and every day, through our wide range of formal and informal resources that will help you shape your career and achieve your ambitions.

RADC Romania is part of a strongly integrated Deloitte network of Global Delivery Centers that operates across the world. We benefit from the experience of a wide variety of people, industries and services that we turn into high quality deliverables that we offered in 150 countries.

RADCs are offsite locations with dedicated resources who support Deloitte Audit & Assurance teams by performing tasks that can be more effectively handled in a centralized manner. This means we can provide world-class results to stakeholders in the most efficient way. We understand our clients’ operations, their industries and the issues they face. We know an audit is not about looking back, but about helping those businesses to plan for a successful future. We prepare ourselves to meet increasing regulatory demands, and, more importantly, live up to our own highest standards of quality. At the same time, we create more opportunities for our professionals of Deloitte. At RADCs and across the organization, professionals can pursue the career paths that make the best use of their talents and expertise.


George Marchidan & Roxana Falnicu

George Marchidan – Junior Audit Analyst

My name is George, I am part of the Deloitte RADC Bucharest team, UK department, since last July.

At the beginning I didn’t have a very good idea about what I was going to do because I didn’t have any contact with auditing before, but I had contact with the financial field working as a financial consultant in banking, insurance and investment in the financial market and I wanted to keep in touch with this field. When I started working in Deloitte I was lucky to have support from both the HR team and the team leaders along with other colleagues in the audit department.

What I can say so far about my experience here is that no matter how many questions or concerns you have you are never alone and there will always be someone willing to help you and answer your questions. The environment is a dynamic and positive one, with people who want to support you to help you gain experience and develop, as is the desired start to a Deloitte career.

Roxana Falnicu – Team Leader

My name is Roxana, I am one of the team leaders in Deloitte RADC Bucharest, from the UK department since March last year. Our job includes supporting the UK teams in auditing clients in multiple regions.

As background: I was introduced to audit in 2016 when I started my Chartered Accountant qualification with a Financial services firm in Scotland. Subsequently, I went on to work in audit for fi years in the U.K. Two years ago I started my career with Deloitte and am now part of the RADC team of team leaders. What I can tell you about my career at Deloitte is that I have had a dynamic experience, with a multicultural environment that has challenged both my knowledge and soft skills – communication skills and ability to adapt to different situations.


First career steps in financial auditing; job opportunities within the company

‘’During our webinar you will have the opportunity to find out more information about the Financial Audit field. Thanks to our colleagues speakers, you will have the chance to receive details about how a working day goes within Deloitte RADC, which are the challenges and opportunities of working in Audit area, which are the steps into developing a career in our company.

We are looking forward to meeting you all on Thursday!’’

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